How to Help Your Children Cope with Immigration Stress

Many African families are immigrating to the US, Canada, and other countries that offer a better standard of living. Gone were the days when it was only the wealthy that could afford to move overseas. The number of middle-class families embracing this idea is growing at an unprecedented rate. Relocating to a new country can … Read more

Reasons to migrate to Canada with Your Family

The top reason why many parents immigrate to developed countries is to secure the future of their families. It can be difficult to achieve this dream if they remain in their home country. Canadian provinces are safe and ideal for raising children. Another thing is that the standard of education in the country is unmatchable. … Read more

Canada Visit Visa Application Guide

Canada is one of the world’s best tourist centers and this fact is proven by the number of visitors arriving Canada daily. Are you looking for information regarding Canada Visit (Tourist) Visa? Continue to read below as you keep you updated. First of all, who needs a Canada visit visa? Do you intend to work, … Read more

Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023

Why Canada Needs Immigrants Canada welcomes high levels of immigration to keep its economy strong. Canada has one of the world’s oldest populations and also one of the world’s lowest birth rates. This creates economic and fiscal pressures. Canada has a low rate of natural population growth which results in low rates of labour force … Read more

Places to Visit in Canada

Canada has increasingly become a popular study destination that attracts international students, especially in the last years. Having prestigious universities, vivid student cities and a well-organized lifestyle, Canada turned into a country with high demands and a high reputation. Canada has over 30 universities listed among the best academic institutions worldwide according to the World University Rankings created by … Read more